UGC NET General Paper Research and Teaching Aptitude Test

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UGC NET Exam is the bridge to lectureship and Research. Yes! If your dilemma is to teach Arts, Commerce or Humanities students and spread your knowledge to the thousands you can prepare for the UGC NET Exam.

Well! As you all know the NET Exam is conducted in two phases that are Paper 1 and Paper 2.

UGC NET Paper 1 is conducted in the Aptitude section that is common for all the NET Appearing aspirants while the UGC NET Paper 2 is conducted subject wise.

There are more than 80 subjects in UGC NET Exam and you can easily score well in your subject field. What about UGC NET General Aptitude Test? Recently many aspirants had an issue with the time limit reduced to 1 hr. from 1hr 15 minutes for Paper 1. There is an ample amount of questions in UGC NET Paper 1 and the time limit is very short.

So how to deal with this? How you can attempt a good amount of questions in the given time limit and score high in this section.

Do not worry you will get all the answers related to the queries in this article.

Make analysis on UGC NET Syllabus –

If we talk about the UGC NET Syllabus Paper 1 the questions are generally asked from the topics given below –

  • Communication Sections
  • General Intelligence and Reasoning
  • General Knowledge Section
  • Logical Methodology and Concepts
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Teaching Aptitude
  • Research Aptitude
  • Data Interpretation
  • Questions from the Higher Education in India Section
  • Mathematical Aptitude
  • People and Environment.
  1. Have you read the complete Syllabus? -So, the first step for preparation of UGC NET General Aptitude is to check out the complete syllabus and analyze it. This is very important because you must have complete knowledge about what they are going to ask for the examination.
  1. Choose the right Books for preparation – You can reach to the destiny at the right time if you ride the right bus. The concept is clearly choosing the right Books for preparation is very essential. Instead of gathering loads of books on your table. Choose the right book and study material that clear’s your basic concepts, easy to read and understand and must be according to the latest exam pattern.
  1. Practice is the right key to success– The best way to prepare for an exam is by practicing the previous year papers and Model Tests. Instead of reading different books you must practice ample no of questions. Practicing the Previous Year Questions by setting the exam time limit in your clock. This is a very effective method and would increase your speed and confidence up to 50 % and ultimately increase in your exam score. Solving Model Test Papers and Question Papers also helps you to get through the paper pattern.
  1. Master your English and Aptitude – “Aptitude” the term defines the natural approach towards the problem. Most of you must be good at this and if not just do it. The section generally consists of questions from logical, Numerical Ability and Data Interpretation. If we talk about the English section than most of the students face problems in this section. Practice with the grammatical rules and learn them by heart. Make Verbal skills stronger. Learn Vocabulary on daily basis.
  1. Get updated – Get updated with the Current GK or General Awareness, stay connected to the news websites, read news section daily, Discuss Current affairs, National and International News with friends. This would help you to make through this section easily.
  1. Revision is necessary – If you give me 5 hours to cut a tree, I would take 4 hours to sharpen my axe. Doing time to time revision of whatever you studied is very essential. Before the D-Day make possible to attempt 4-5 revisions of the whole syllabus. Instead of running to cover the whole syllabus. Read short and hard.

To qualify in the General Aptitude Test you need at least 40% marks in this section. By following the above steps would not only help you to pass the cutoff marks but would lead you in Paper 1. Hope the above article would help you a lot for UGC NET Exam preparations.



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